• December 13, 2022

Lazio Region – Health dematerialized prescription also for specialist care

Lazio Region – Health care, dematerialized prescription also for specialty care

President Nicola Zingaretti signed the decree adopting the Single Regional Catalog (CUR) of specialist services, an updated and simplified version of the national nomenclator.
"This is a strategic step in the journey we have been on for three years," explains Lazio Region President Nicola Zingaretti – to inject into the regional health care system strong doses of innovation based on simplification, transparency and clarity, elements that are also indispensable for zeroing out negative phenomena. In fact, the introduction of the Catalogue will make it possible to switch to dematerialized prescriptions for specialist visits as well."

CUR contains to date more than 4.000 services that can be prescribed at the expense of the SSR in dematerialized mode by physicians in the Lazio Region. In this first phase of implementation, it is expected that, in the dematerialized prescription, physicians may, if they deem it appropriate, supplement the description in the catalog with additional specifications and useful indications for the dispenser, using the "notes" field of the dematerialized prescription. However, this is a "work in progress" as the Group of technicians and experts who worked on the definition of the Single Regional Catalog of prescribable specialist services, continues to carry out its activities by collecting and examining, in the manner that will be defined and communicated to all stakeholders, observations and suggestions aimed at improving the CUR, with a view to producing updated versions of the catalog on an approximately biannual basis.

The document, in downloadable format, is available to all interested parties through its publication in the "Dematerialized Services" area of the Regional Health Portal.