• December 14, 2022

Nausea which natural remedies to use

Nausea, which natural remedies to use

There nausea it is a nuisance that can accompany various states such as flu syndrome, pregnancy or digestive problems or food poisoning.

It can also appear during a journey by car, ship or plane

There are several natural remedies to use to solve the problem of nausea such as:

  • ginger: effective when nausea is due to bad digestion or when you suffer from this problem during a trip. You can opt for a ginger tea or eat a fresh piece directly (also candied) or take powdered ginger. Also effective are drops (one or two) of ginger essential oil
  • lemon: can relieve nausea, calm the stomach and relieve agitation. You can cut a lemon into slices and place it near someone suffering from nausea to breathe in the aroma. Or you can use the lemon essential oil on a handkerchief to be smelled every now and then
  • peppermint: essential oil is very useful for relieving the sense of nausea. It is advisable to put 2 drops of essential oil on a zolletta of sugar to melt in the mouth
  • Herbs infusions: as basil or peppermint
  • chamomile: has a calming effect on the problems of nausea and bad digestion but also on stomach pain
  • rice cooking water: it is a grandmother’s remedy and consists in collecting the cooking water of the rice (better not salty) and drink it in small sips.

Or eat more fibers

Or Eat more fiber (which help to eliminate toxins) such as honey, fresh fruit and raw vegetables (salads and carrots), make cold compresses (using a gauze or a sponge to be immersed in water and to be squeezed, and then apply on the forehead) or try the ‘acupressure (also using the famous Antinausea bracelets that exploit precisely this principle).

Even the fast it can be effective in solving the problem of acute nausea and allaying it.