• December 10, 2022

Lazio Region – Petrassi New Cri blood donation room to achieve self-sufficiency em

Lazio Region – Petrassi: “New Cri blood donation room to achieve blood self-sufficiency”

"Donating blood is one of the most noble and altruistic gestures man can make; an act of maturity and great sensitivity as well as a gesture of concern for the society around us. Dedicating a part of oneself for one's neighbor makes clear the will to be a community, especially if one thinks that it is a gesture that has no ulterior motive but only the goal of being of help to those in need," so Councilman Piero Petrassi on the sidelines of the inauguration of the new blood donation room in Via Bernardino Ramazzini, 15, in the Monteverde neighborhood of Rome, which took place in the presence of representatives of the Italian Red Cross, National President Francesco Rocca, National Vice President Maria Teresa Letta, President of the Lazio Regional Committee Adriano De Nardis, President of the Rome Provincial Committee Flavio Ronzi, the Chief of the Transfusion Center of the San Camillo Hospital Prof. Luca Pierelli, by numerous physicians at major blood transfusion centers and the many volunteers.

"With today's inauguration, the Italian Red Cross is increasing its widespread network throughout the territory. The new location will have four cribs for donors to use, two rooms for interview with doctors, preparatory to donation, a room for post-donation refreshment. A facility that – Petrassi concludes – thanks to the important work of the Red Cross volunteers, will be a further stimulus to increase the volume of blood collection with the hope of increasing, in the coming year, an additional 35.000 bags so as to achieve blood self-sufficiency in Lazio, a key goal in view of the Jubilee event’s.