• December 10, 2022

Gaeta – Specialist consultancy center or. P. Child Jesus active service, carried out the first V

Gaeta – Specialized consultancy center or.P. Child Jesus: active service, first visits

Launched in Gaeta, with enthusiasm and great efficiency, the new specialist consultancy center, created by the Municipality in collaboration with the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital of Rome.

Saturday 25 July, in the municipal premises in via Firenze, The first visits were carried out specially prepared and equipped: about twenty children, accompanied by their parents, thus benefited from the important service that guarantees specialist medical visits, through the involvement of a pole of national and international excellence of the treatment and protection of children’s health, which is the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital of Rome.

Great satisfaction is expressed by the mayor of Gaeta Cosmo Mitrano for the achievement of this significant objective of a social nature. “We want to help our families in a general moment of economic difficulty, supporting them, in a concrete way, in the precious and complex task of the care of their children. To this end we worked for over a year. It was not easy since the public bureaucratic process – private sector required its times and specific modalities. But we did it. Last Saturday, I saw a dream come true.

I was thrilled to see children and parents filling the premises of the Center, waiting for a visit that can mean so much. These are the most beautiful goals of a policy at the service of citizens.

The Pediatric Specialist Consulting Center was inaugurated on 13 June, goes to strengthen the prevention and support interventions in favor of children and young people who belong to the underage group, enriching the medical assistance offer in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, avoiding for parents and young people the inconvenience of going to Rome.

About twenty questions reached the municipal offices through general practitioners and paediatricians in the area: all the specialist visits requested were carried out on Saturday 27 July. The consultancy was guaranteed by the head of pediatric surgery of the Bambino Gesù Hospital, prof. Alessandro Insertra, assisted by voluntary nursing staff of the Malta order.

These first visits saw the work of professional nurse Giovanni Meschino.

25% of the advice concerned non -resident children in Gaeta. At the request of the basic doctors and in full sharing of the intent, aimed at satisfying the demand for the entire comprehensive catchment area, in relation to pediatric health services, the municipal administration, in synergy with the hospital; Pediatric Child Jesus, in fact, has also extended the service in question to children not residing in Gaeta.

The collaboration with the Child Jesus involves in particular the development of specialist consultancy in pediatrics, pediatric surgery and prevention of cardiac arrhythmias. Consultations that are free only for children residing in Gaeta, as they are completely paid for by the Municipality.

The Specialist Consulting Center will not go on holiday: it will be active throughout the month of August. Please note that to request a specialist visit, you must contact your paediatrician or general practitioner only. The service, as already mentioned, it has also been extended to non-resident children in Gaeta.