• December 3, 2022

Smoking stop EU to flavored and 10 packs

Smoking, stop EU to flavored and 10 packs

Two years after its approval, the European Union of tobacco products that will lead to drastic changes enters into force throughout the European Union;. Explicit images and messages about the risks of smoking on 65% of the outer surface of the packs, as well as the disappearance of ten-packs and flavored cigarettes. In fact, the deadlines granted to the Member States to transpose the EU directive into national law have expired, but not all are in line with the times.

Only five countries have implemented the directive (Germany, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Slovenia), while another four have done so partially (Belgium, Estonia, Lithuania and the United Kingdom).

Here’s what changes with the new European directive:

FLAVORING – The directive establishes the gradual disappearance of flavored cigarettes and tobacco from the market. After a transitional period of 4 years, menthol cigarettes, for example, will no longer be on the shelves.

PACKAGING – 65% of the front and rear of the cigarette packages must be covered by images and written with health warnings on the danger of smoking. 50% of the sides will also be occupied by writings such as “ smoking kills ”, which will replace the current indications on tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide. Similar rules will also be valid for tobacco packages to roll up.

Packets – Packs considered captivating for consumers, and in particular for young people will be prohibited. Each package must be parallelepiped in shape and must contain a minimum 20 cigarettes. The 10 packs will then disappear.

ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES – The directive establishes a maximum concentration concentration of nicotine, a maximum volume of cartridges, tanks and liquid containers, which will also have to have a child -proof closure. It will be mandatory; insertion of health warnings on the packaging, and promotional elements will not be allowed. Manufacturers must instead notify the new products to the Member States before entering the market. Several decisions on electronic cigarettes will still be left in the hands of individual countries.

The EU offensive is triggered, Giovanni d &#8217 highlights; Agata, president of the “Rights Desk”, against tobagism, which provides for the prohibition of selling packs considered captivating as for example the packages between the other, the prohibition of selling From ten, the gradual disappearance of the flavors and more severe rules concerning electronic cigarettes. The provision will have for the main consequence the decrease in consumption by young people, but also one, sometimes drastic, reduction on a general level. The ban, then, in the five European countries, Belgium, Finland, France, Great Britain and Ireland, where the promotion is totally prohibited, does not seem to harm a lot in printing, newsstands, festivals and sporting events.