• December 2, 2022

Ladispoli – Free andrological checkups for young people

Ladispoli – Free andrological screenings for young people

We call on the citizens of Ladispoli to continue to sign the popular petition organized by the Andrologists of the Italian Society of Andrology to call for a proposed regional law with which to initiate a mass screening on sexual and reproductive andrological health of young males“.

With these words the consumer delegate, Angelo Bernabei, has launched a new appeal to the population of Ladispoli to participate in a’initiative which holds particular importance, in light of the fact that there is a shortage of prevention in Italy, especially towards the younger generation.

Abolished the compulsory conscription examination – continues Delegate Bernabei – namely the only form of mass screening that used to be carried out on the male population, andrologists explained how it is necessary to think of an alternative solution. The Ladispoli administration supports the petition and the resulting regional bill because starting from the territories is certainly more simple and effective. It is imperative to fill this gap and ensure that Italian males have an equal opportunity, compared to females, to be checked and followed by the man’s doctor, i.e., the andrologist. In Ladispoli, the involvement of schools is fundamental, which could bridge that time gap, between the ages of 14 and 18/20, in which children no longer go to the pediatrician but do not even go to the family doctor, except for specific needs.

The petition continues with great success“.

The next appointment with the free andrological examinations for 14- to 20-year-olds is scheduled for June 10 from 3 to 7 p.m. at the Associated Medical Office of Via Ancona 210 in Ladispoli. Where you can also sign the popular petition.