• December 2, 2022

Giradito how this troublesome problem comes

Radius, how does this annoying problem come about?

The Giraditis (or paterecium) is an infection that can affect adults, the elderly or children and usually affects the extremities of the fingers or toes. The affected parts of the toes and fingers are the distal phalanges (less so, however, the fingertips area).

This infection is caused by:

  • bacteria (such as staphylococci and streptococci)
  • fungi (such as candida albicans)
  • viruses (such as herpes simplex)

For this very reason, the infection is contagious because these pathogens are transmitted by contact. The duration of infection also varies because, whether it is bacterial in origin, is a few days; if it is of viral origin, will last about 20 days while it will last for a few months (up to 6) if it is to fungal origin.

Other very common causes of radiculitis are ingrown toenails or prolonged contact with potentially irritating substances, such as certain types of detergents, solvents or soaps.

But there are also other factors

But there are also other risk factors that may contribute to the onset of inflammation:

  • A tendency to bite their nails and especially the cuticles around the nail or, again, the use of unsterilized tools for removing these cuticles
  • certain types of professions (hairdressers, bartenders, dishwashers) that involve doing a lot of work in which you have to keep your hands in water for a long time, thus weakening the protective layer of the skin and making it favorable territory for fungal growth (because it is damp)
  • Performing manual, household or gardening work in which the hands most frequently may be subject to minor trauma or injury

In any case, we realize we are dealing with radiation sickness because the affected area has redness, swelling, and because we experience intense, throbbing pain.

Other symptoms of raditus are some difficulty in making movements with that finger or the appearance of pustules that emit yellow/green secretions and possibly foul odor.