• December 21, 2022

Fumenti a natural remedy for colds

Fumenti, a natural remedy for colds

This is the period of seasonal ailments including colds. The cold it is very annoying because its symptoms include stuffy nose, sore throat and cough. To be able to get rid of it there are several natural remedies that therefore allow you to recover without having to use drugs.

Fumes for immediate benefit

An example are i fumes or suffumiges or vapors deriving from boiling water in which drops of oils or medicinal herbs are usually dispersed. Breathing them, you inhale the medicinal properties of these oils but also the heat and steam that help dissolve mucus and phlegm, decongesting and freeing the upper airways.

To prepare the fuments you need to bring a pot of water containing herbs or essential oils to the boil. Once the water is boiling, it will be necessary to inhale the steam keeping the face at a distance of about 30 cm. Cover your head with a towel to avoid heat dispersion and breathe deeply for about 10 minutes, alternating nose and/or mouth, and repeat several times a day, being very careful not to spill the water so as not to burn yourself.

An example of fumento for a cold

An example of fumenti can be the one composed of water brought to a boil with:

  • tea tree oil: 2/3 drops to counter cough and hoarseness;
  • eucalyptus and/or mint: 2/3 drops of eucalyptus or mint essential oil are effective for soothing a sore throat and decongesting inflammation;
  • chamomile flowers: it has soothing properties and is used to clear the airways and fight colds.

Fumes have no contraindications but what you need to pay attention to are the essential oils chosen: in their preparation allergic reactions could arise in sensitive subjects.

Additionally, people with asthma may experience irritation of the upper airways from exposure to too much water vapor.