• November 27, 2022

FORMIA – Oncology, service relocates in its entirety to the Swiss Gift

FORMIA – Oncology, service moves in full to the Swiss Gift

“I express my personal appreciation for the company's decision favoring a important rationalization of the management and a improvement overall of services offered to the citizen”. The Mayor Sandro Bartolomeo thus greets the transfer of all services of the Department of Oncology at the premises of the Outpatient Clinic located within the hospital complex "Swiss Gift" from Formia.

Until now – explains the first citizen – chemotherapy took place in Formia but drugs were prepared in Gaeta with the result that multiple ambulances had to be deployed daily to ensure patients' drug treatment they needed. Concentrating the entire service at the Swiss Gift will ensure the rationalization of costs and management offering a one-stop shop to the users.