• November 26, 2022

Ladispoli – By 2014 the start of work on the house of health

Ladispoli – By 2014 the’start of work on the house of health

By this year, the outpatient clinic will makeà a new and important step forward“. In these words Mayor Crescenzo Paliotta announced that work on the Health House at the Outpatient clinic on Aurelia Street. A facility strongly desired by the Municipal Administration of Ladispoli that will beà active in the’early fall and that will allowà On the one hand, to have six places for short hospitalization and on the other, integration with social services.

The House of Health – continued Paliotta – nasce from the close collaboration between the region, which will invest in theà about 500 thousand euros for the renovation of the premises and the’purchase of furniture, the Asl, the First Aid Post and the general practitioners. In recent days at the Polyclinic I had a meeting with meeting with the general director of the Asl RmF Giuseppe Quintavalle and officials and technicians of the Lazio Region that dell’Health Company. Together we have worked out the final details”.

Più in particular the Health House of Ladispoli and Cerveteri will beà the fourth in all of Lazio and will beà connected with accredited public and private inpatient facilities, with the Unità of Primary Care outside the facility, with public and private pharmacies and with other principals in the area to ensure a’range of services such as to ensure the effective taking care of citizens and the coordination of responses to be guaranteed.

“There will be available to users – continued Paliotta– 6 beds for a short hospitalization that canò vary from 24 to 48 hours. A time frame to determine whether è necessary or not necessary hospitalization. Patients will be cared for by a équipe of which all professional figures, health and social. In short, the House of Health, will beà an alternative to queues in emergency rooms.

Also – concluded Paliotta – will riseà at the well-connected district Polimbulatory from the road point of view, in which alreadyà works a medical guard, in which è già present a Collection Center telematically connected with the Analytical Laboratory of the Hospital of Bracciano, and with a section of Radiology also digitally interconnected with the Radiology of the Hospital moreù nearby”.