• November 2, 2022

FNOPI Mangiacavalli In health care can be done respecting article 32

FNOPI, Mangiacavalli: “In health care it can be done by respecting Article 32”

“There are all the elements so that we can make a differentiated autonomy that can be inspired by’Article 32 of the Constitution and that guarantees universality of health care throughout the national territory.

But a principle of centrality must still be maintained

But a principle of centrality must still be maintained, including by strengthening the regions, many of which do not need more money, they just want to manage their resources directly. Need strong direction at the national level to help regions align and not create further disparities”.

This was said by Fnopi president Barbara Mangiacavalli at the 52nd Sumai Assoprof national congress, in Gardone Riviera (Bs).

Mangiacavalli then spoke on the topic of territory

Mangiacavalli then spoke on the topic of territory, pointing out that in the world of social-health medicine, the one that concerns non-hospital facilities, there&#8217s a variety of different contracting of professionals working in teams, “a cohabitation of professionals referring to different labor contracts that does not facilitate integration.

I don&#8217t want to say there&#8217s no integration because there&#8217s this problem- he explained-but the contract instrument, if homogenized, could facilitate a series of professional, organizational and operational interconnections”.