• October 29, 2022

Wellness focus the benefits of guided meditation

Wellness focus, the benefits of guided meditation

Stress seems to be one of the unfortunately omnipresent components in our lives: frenetic rhythms, goals that are difficult to achieve and many other contextual factors create problems for our mind and body. But we can do something ..

Between the sixties and the seventies, prelude to the time we live today, there was a strong impulse of the oriental philosophies and, in particular, of the Indian ones: those who do not remember the song “Across the Universe” of the Beatles, with the verse in Sanskrit? Or, to stay in the field Fab Four, the my Sweet Lord piece by George Harrison, dedicated to the Hindu God Krishna? Initially appreciated by lovers of the so -called “counterculture”, the precepts of Hinduism and other religions then spread throughout society, in some cases, also losing the mystical aura that originally distinguished them.

But the basic teaching remains identical, or the possibility of finding well -being.

What to do? The advice that comes to us from afar is to experience the benefits of meditation by carrying out a daily and regular activity, even for a few minutes each day: once absorbed into the daily routine, meditation will become the best part of the day, certainly the more waiting.

How to start. One of the greatest living spiritual masters of Educism is undoubtedly Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who defines it as “de-concentration” precisely about meditation: in other words, meditating means accepting the moment, every moment, which is living, and do it in the best possible way, trying to find serenity deeply. There are clearly many tips for those who face these practices for the first time: first of all, a period of at least 20 minutes must be allocated to the business, thus leaving aside everything that connects us to the world (then turn off smartphones, computers, televisions and so on): the ideal time is the one at dawn or sunset, moments of natural transition, but the important thing is to be quiet and undisturbed. For this reason, it is also essential to choose a quiet place, the right corner of well-being, whether it’s outside (in a park, under a tree) or at home, and sit in a comfortable position, perhaps doing some warm-up exercises before diving into meditation.

Then, we move on to some breathing exercise, to find the right rhythm and bring the mind to the correct meditative state, trying to always maintain a serene expression on the face for the duration of the activity.

Goodbye stress. We could call them “mental hygiene” techniques, operations to follow and perform at least once a day to find inner peace. The most important is probably guided meditation, or the attempt to abstract for a few minutes from the surrounding world, thanks to the guide (in fact) of music with special texts made and declaimed by a teacher, to clean the mind and regulate emotions in brain.

By clicking on the Shankara website you can find a wide range of music CDs translated into Italian, which will help us experiment with a deep state of meditation and try the many benefits of this practice.

The mind thanks. Indian sages say that meditation is like a seed, and it blossoms when it is cultivated with more love. Therefore, the more passion we put in, the greater the benefits we will discover about ourselves, first of all learning to know and accept ourselves. The first effect is an increase in the ability to concentrate and memory, which allows you to feel lighter and also to perform multiple tasks at the same time.

Other benefits that come from meditation are the increase in self-knowledge and self-control ability.

And the body benefits too. According to the indications of Hinduism, and in particular of the guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, with meditation the physiology undergoes a change and every cell of the body is charged with prana (ie energy), then transforming it into joy, peace and enthusiasm for life. Furthermore, historically there have also been benefits on a physical level, such as lowering high blood pressure; reduction of anxiety attacks, headaches, ulcers; increased production of serotonin, which improves mood and behavior; increase in energy levels.