• November 25, 2022

Fivet, what is the path to take

Fivet, what is the path to take

Having a child is the desire of many parents but often due to natural causes it can be more difficult to achieve. For this reason, over the years increasingly cutting-edge treatments have come and gone to allow everyone to become parents.

One of these is IVF, assisted fertilization, which consists in the union of the egg with the sperm carried out in the laboratory in order to obtain already fertilized embryos to be transferred into the maternal uterus.

But what is the path to take?

Once you have gone to a specialized clinic, the procedure that is proposed is more or less the following:

  • patient’s first visit with reference to your medical history, reports, any previous treatments, and gynecological examination; analysis of the father’s semen
  • controlled ovarian stimulation, carried out with daily injections, which the patient can carry out independently. Of course, the woman produces one egg per month but with this procedure more eggs are developed which are taken, fertilized and which will give life to more embryos
  • pick up, a procedure that lasts about 20 minutes and which is performed on the sedated patient: by accessing the ovaries from the vaginal cavity, the follicular fluid that contains the ova to be fertilized in the laboratory is aspirated
  • in vitro fertilization of eggs, that can be done with donor or partner sperm: the first procedure is that conventional (each ovule obtained from the pick up is deposited in previously prepared drops of seed); the second procedure takes place throughLintracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) (consists of inserting a sperm into each mature egg)
  • embryo culture for 5-6 days, observing the development and quality of these, and discarding those that are not suitable for a pregnancy
  • transfer of the best embryo into the uterus with the help of a cannula (the other embryos are stored in a suitable way for the future)

At this point, the specialists will inform the expectant mother of the best date to carry out the pregnancy test (generally 11 days after the transfer).